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Santa Claus (AKA Chris Kringle) is one of rankin basses versions of Santa Claus. Every Christmas Eve he goes to all the good childrens houses to drop off presents.[]


Santa as he appears in Frosty the Snowman.

Early life.

Santa's younger self, known as Kris Kringle, as seen in Santa Claus is Comin' to Town.

Santa's backstory is revealed in Santa Claus is comming to town. As a baby he was given the name Claus. Grimsley found him and took him to Burgermeister Meisterburger. But Burgermeisterhated him so grimsley went to take him somewhere else. However Claus was kidnapped by animals and Grimsley never found him. The animals took him to the Kringles house who then decided to adopt him. Tanta Kringle renamed the baby Chris. When Chris becomes a grown man he takes all of the toys the Kringles made to Sombertown however Burgermister banned toys without Chris knowing so Chris decided to give the toys to a group of preschoolers but their teacher miss Jessica told them to put the toys away but Chris gives Jessica a Toy which leads to her being on his side but then Chris is caught by the Burgermister so Chris runs off into the woods and finds the winter warlock but Chris gives him a toy witch then makes him change. Since Chris was an outlaw he built a workshop at the North Pole Winter warlock gave him a globe to see if the children were being naughty or nice. He got married to Jessica and at some point started to be called "Santa Claus" in The year without a Santa Claus Santa decides that he's not comming to the good kids house because he's sick And he's worried that they don't believe in him anymore. When he discovers that Mrs Claus sent jingle Jangle and vixen to find some Christmas spirit Santa puts on a discuse to go find Them. He eventually comes across a young boy called Ignatius who doesn't bellive in Santa Claus but shortly affter santa and ignatuis parents convince him that Santa is real and ignatuis starts to believe. Ignatuis then tells Santa and his parents about Vixen and Santa then leaves the house and gets Vixen out of the vent . Then Santa decides that he is no longerTaling a holiday. Santa aperares once again in Rudolph's shiny new year in this film he receives a letter from Father Time that the baby new year is missing so he sends Rudolph to Father times castle. When Rudolph saves the new year Santa Drops off Happy at Father times castle. Santa reapares in in rudoulph and frostys Chritmas in July.


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