Flight of Dragons 08

Ommadon, The Red Wizard, is one of the four great wizards of magic. He dresses in a red robe and manipulates the dark forces of the universe through black magic. He is voiced by James Earl Jones.


Ommadon's domain is that of evil. He represents all that is dark, including greed, fear, death, and destruction. He is also shown having an affiliation with fire. He lives in the Land of the Red Death, a terrible wasteland full of volcanoes and monsters to harm any intruders.


Ommadon is perhaps the most powerful of the brother wizards throughout the film. His crown, the source of his power, is fed by human sin and fear, leaving him with power despite the change from magic to logic. He doesn't seem to require spells like Carolinus for his magic to work and has been seen using his magic to manipulate minds and transfigure his own body.